SAMS® Code of Ethics & Rules of Practices

1. Strive to Enhance the Profession of Marine Surveying
The surveyor will:

  • A) Be competent, prompt, diligent and demonstrate respect for the survey profession. (Competence requires knowledge, skill, thoughtfulness, and preparation reasonably necessary for the assignment).
  • B) Enjoy a favorable reputation within the local business community.
  • C) Cooperate in developing the marine surveying profession by:
  • 1. Contributing one’s skill and knowledge to further the profession’s commitment to serving the public.
  • 2. Exchanging general information with peers and associates.
  • 3. Contributing to the work of technical societies, regulatory agencies, and specialized professional education.

2. Maintain & Enhance Their Professional Knowledge & Expertise
The surveyor will participate in continuing education as required
by the rules of the Society.

3. Conduct Their Business in a Professional Manner
The surveyor will:

  • A) Accept only assignments that can be completed with professional competence.
  • B) Advertise only in a dignified manner, being careful to avoid misleading statements.
  • C) Respect the confidential nature of marine surveying.

4. Maintain Independence, Integrity & Objectivity
The surveyor will:

  • A) When representing the client: endeavor to present facts and opinions without prejudice.
  • B) Refrain from suppressing, over-emphasizing or manipulating facts.
  • C) Set fees based on work performed for a client and avoid any form of compensation that could be perceived as corrupting judgment.

5. Avoid Prejudice and Conflict of Interest
The surveyor will:

  • A) Avoid assignments that would create a conflict of interest.
  • B) Inform the client of any business connection, interest or affiliation that might influence judgment or impair the disinterested nature of a survey.
  • C) Accept compensation from more than one source only with the full knowledge of the interested parties.
  • D) Not make false, misleading, deceptive or unfair statements concerning member surveyors or the surveyors services, qualifications or integrity.